Can I set an alarm for a product under a certain rating?

Learn how to set an alarm for those products that surpass a certain rating range

Yes, you can set an alarm directly on the ‘Amazon Ratings and Reviews‘ menu, ‘Alerts‘ section.

You first need to select what products you want to work with, choose the store you want to follow (in this case, it always be Amazon as we obtain this type of data from this marketplace). Afterwards, you need to select the days of the range for which the alarm will be activated, as well as the day of the week you want to receive it. Name the alarm, set a user to receive it and choose whether it will be an active or inactive alarm.

If you want to know more about rating alarm you can check our Ratings & Reviews section in our Help Center.

Pay attention! There are four types of alerts on Netrivals. There are alerts for prices, stock, Market Research module and another for Amazon Ratings and Reviews! All accessible from Alerts in the Direct Web section, Market Research module and Amazon Ratings and Reviews page correspondingly.

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