How are connections made?

Learn how connections are made in Netrivals

Firstly, it is worth distinguishing Smart Connections from Automatic Connections.

Smart Connections

Suggestions that are offered by comparing titles, pictures and references with those of your rivals'/sellers’ available in our database.

Automatic Connections

Automatically established whenever Netrivals finds matching EAN codes on the pages of your rivals'/sellers’ or in the regular scrapings done in Google Shopping.

Manual Connections

You can make connections between products manually when there are no matching EAN codes or suggestions. You only have to click on a product, go to the ‘Connect’ tab, and finally to ‘Paste an URL’. There, you will be able to paste the URL of the product you want to connect to.

How often does Netrivals tool crawl competitors for connections?

Processes involving finding a product, including it in our database and generating connections with it, are multiple from the technical point of view. 

  1. First step: Crawling the complete website of your rivals. We do it on a monthly or bi-monthly basis with the rival’s products that are not connected yet with yours.

  2. Second step: Generating a database with all the products of your competitors/sellers. This can take a day or two, and it’s only then when Netrivals can offer suggestions and automatic connections.

In addition, if you have Google Shopping, we rely on our scraping in order to figure out the EAN codes, in case such codes have not been found in your competitors’ websites.

Just to clarify! Once a product is connected with a competitor/seller, we update it on a daily basis. What we’re talking about here is only related to the process of generating new matches, not to the matches that have already been put in place.

To learn more about how connections work you can consult the information available in the Catalog and Connections section in our Help Center.


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