Why are there no price suggestions for a given product?

Learn why there are no price suggestions for a given product

There are three possibilities why your product does not have any suggestion made by Netrivals’ Dynamic Pricing module.

  1. Make sure you have entered the cost price (acquisition price) for that specific product when registering it on Netrivals. If this information is not available, our Dynamic Pricing solution might not be able to calculate a suggestion for that product.

  2. The product might have not been considered by the rules you originally entered in the Dynamic Pricing module. That means, the product doesn’t fit in with the rules and parameters you have selected. In this case, you should reformulate the rule, or create a new one if this happens with several products.

  3. If the product does not have any connection, we cannot provide you with any price suggestion.

You can check the details of why no suggestions have occurred by accessing a given product. See the steps below:

 1. Go to Dynamic Pricing > Price Suggestions

 2. Filter by products with No suggestion

 3. Click on a product with no price suggestion

 4. Click on Details to know why there are no price suggestions for this specific product


If you want to know more about our Dynamic Pricing solution, you can go to the Dynamic Pricing page in our Help Center.


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