Price & stock alerts

Learn more about how alerts work and how to set them up

You can access this module by clicking on Direct Web > Alerts > Price and stock alerts:

The alerts module will help you out to get notified about price and stock changes from the competition of connected products, and monitor these both from the Saas and via email.

The email notification received contains the name of the alert and the criteria included, as well as the list of products included in the same. You can also get to see the price differentials versus the competitors you track. You can check the full alert and modify it by clicking on it from the alerts page.

Main view

In the main view of the module you will find the following information of the already existing alerts:

  1. Alert name: The name given to the alert.

  2. Type: If the created alert is sending information about price or stock changes of the competition.

  3. Creation Date: When was the alert created.

  4. Last execution: When was the alerts last sent.

  5. View results: The eye symbol allows to access the alert itself to see the reported data in the past.

  6. Status: If the alert is active or inactive.

  7. Delete: The trashcan symbol will remove the alert.

New alert

For creating a new alert click in the blue top-right button:

Alert settings

Alert settings:

  1. Alert name: Give a name to the alert.

  2. See latest results: Display the last sent alert.

  3. Alert type: If you wish to include price or stock alert. 

  4. Who receives the alert: Users of the platform selected to receive the alert via email.

  5. Receive email these days of the week: select the days of the week that you wish to receive the alert.

  6. Definition of my criteria: Receive an e-mail when: My products are cheaper or more expensive than a specific %, or stock, when a product goes out of stock or  products gone that have gone out of stock since the last sent alert.

    • IF YOU ARE A BRAND: You can establish an alert to get notified once the cheapest retailer connected goes over or below your MSRP.

  1. Receive your mail when prices have changed since the last sent alert.

  2. Scope of my alert:

    1. For all my products

    2. For a set of products.


You can apply the following filters to select the products you wish to include in your alert:

  1. Search by text: Search products by text.

  2. Search by retailers: Specific retailers from your list.

  3. Search by brands: Specific brands from your catalog.

  4. Search by categories: Categories from your catalog (if these are included in your feed).

  5. Search by tags: Tags from your catalog or platform (if these are included in your feed or in the Saas).

  6. Search by favorite: Favorite products from the products list.

  7. Search by stock: Include in or/and out-of-stock products.

  8. Search by prices: Include products within a range.

  9. Add specific products to your alert: adding title or references…

  10. Products included in your alert.

Reported data

Regarding the reported data:

  1. Name and action selected for the rule

  2. # of products included in the alert (it will display default only products affected by the alert since the last one sent.

  3. Toggle button to see just products affected by the alert, or all products included in the same.

  4. Filters for accesing, downloading as .csv and reorder the previously sent alerts.

  5. Related information about each product triggering the alert.

Reported data in your inbox

Regarding the reported data in your inbox:

  1. Name and action selected for the rule

  2. Teaser of products included in the alert (it will display default only products affected by the alert since the last one sent.

  3. Button to access NetRivals platform and see the complete alert.

  4. Button to access the alert and download it as a .csv file


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