Smart Suggestions


Smart suggestions module generates recommendations for potential matches based on different attributes: Title/Title similar, Photo, Reference (REF) and MPN. Can be located in the left-side bar same as the rest of modules:

Here you can find further explanation about the attributes taken into account for generating these suggestions:

Title/Title similar:

  • When the similarity between such titles is 90% – 100%, then the match is referred as Title.

  • When the title of your product is contained in the rival title or viceversa.


  • These are potential matches based on 80% photo similarity.

Reference (REF): 

  • These suggestions for matches are based on similar references other than the EAN code. In situations when identical EAN codes are found, the system matches products automatically, given that this sort of reference is unequivocal.

If you want to change the default setting and make always manual connections, you can activate the suggestions by EAN code.


  • These suggestions are based on the manufacturer's part number and is a series of numbers and / or letters that a manufacturer assigns to individual products.

Two different ways of establishing your connections using Smart Suggestions

Smart Suggestions by product:

This sub-module will suggest one product from your catalog compared to one specific retailer’s suggestions. It is a good option if you are considering to connect any of the top products of your catalog or multiproducts:

  1. Filter your suggestions based on brands, categories, tags, retailers, or custom advanced searches.

  2. New tab will show new suggestions on your products, representing the number by the blue bubble. Postponed will show suggestions postponed in #5 represented by the number in the grey bubble.

  3. Products with suggestions: In this section, you will find the products with connections suggested. You can filter in the top right side dropdown menu different filters; Favorites, Number of suggestions, Recently added products (to your feed) or Alphabetically.

  4. Products to be connected: A product from your catalog with potential connections. You select them from step #3 box. The information displayed is the one provided in your feed; Photo, Code, Brand, EAN, REF,MPN and Price.

  5. Suggestions per specific retailer: Select from the dropdown menu on top the retailer / seller you wish to establish connections. Highlighted in green, you’ll find the matching information. Validate, postpone or discard these connections based on the matching elements found. Besides, you can establish a formula in case you want to modify the rivals' price, i.e. the product comes in a pack, a bundle or a set.

Smart Suggestions by attribute:

This option will suggest one product from your catalog compared to one specific product of a rival. This is a good option if you are considering to connect your products in bulk. The information to be assessed is displayed in the grid down below:


  1. Same as Smart Suggestions by Product; # of products with new suggestions, and # of products with postponed connections.

  2. Filter your suggestions based on brands, categories, tags, retailers, or advanced searches.

  3. Order your information by; favorite retailers, total of products by suggestions, retailer name.

  4. This grid will display the following information per column:

      • Favorited retailers on first position

      • # of products: total # of products without connections.

      • EAN code: Exact EAN code.

      • MPN code: Exact MPN code.

      • REF #: Exact REF #.

      • Title: 90% match.

      • Photo: 80% match.

      • Title similar: title contained in the rival title or viceversa.

      • Other: Other suggestions based on shared data between your products and the products from the competition that require validation.

If you click on an attribute with suggestions from a specific rivals, it’ll prompt you on screen to the following menu:


  1. Filtering your products based on reliability or recently added.

  2. Your product vs your rival’s. Green highlight is additional matching information.

  3. Your rival product vs yours. Green highlight is additional matching information.

  4. Actions to be applied over the connection; validate, postpone or discard, and price deviation.

  5. Process the actions in bulk.

  6. Process the specific action.

In case any questions arise when reviewing your Smart Suggestions do not hesitate to contact your Netrivals Specialist.

How to review the Smart suggestions?

  1. For both cases, select your option, either from the left side menu in suggestions by product (Represented by the grey box, once a product is selected), or the grid from attributes (Select a matching attribute from a specific rival). Check above how the information is displayed per each case.


  2. In case most of the suggested matches are accurate, we can leave them as pre-connected and simply select the products that we do not want to connect and discard them by clicking on the cross button.

  3. In case you’re not that sure about the accuracy of the suggested matches, you can discard all the matches and select only the options you want to get connected by clicking on the tick button.

  4. Once you’ve reviewed all the list you can process these matches by hitting the 'Process actions’ button you’ll find below. By default, all actions are postponed.

  5. If you wish to process these in bulk, you can use the button down below, and it will autoselect the number of products with matches, or 50 products per page if these go over 50.

  6. If you wish to process all suggestions in mass for that retailers, click on the arrow:

    A pop-up message will appear showing the # of products affected:

    A warning message will appear, in which you’ll have to type the number of products affected.Type in to confirm:

The best way to review the list of suggestions in the Smart Suggestions is to check the level of accuracy of the matches offered

This is the way Netrivals has to help you generate connections when automatic connections cannot be made due to missing EAN codes.


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