Catalog and connections

My Catalog

From the My Catalog page you can see all the details of your feed products:


    1. Export: Export the information of your own catalog with the structure it's shown in the menu.
    2. Add product (IF YOUR ARE A BRAND): Add new products manually to your catalog.

    3. Products: Check the total number of products in your catalog.

    4. EANs: See the section of your products with and without EANs.

    5. Other codes: See the amount of your products with other codes like REF, MPN or ASIN.

    6. Connections: Analyse the quantity of connections and total products connected.

    7. Select box: Select from the the box the products down below to generate tags
    8. Tags: Check tags from the feed or the ones created manually.

You will also be able to see which feed we are using, download it directly, last update and update periodicity, and force update for it:


In the product list below you will see an overview of the products available in your catalog and its details. You can view all active products in your feed and those products that have been removed by using the 'Advanced' option on the right of the search bar and filtering by 'Status'.

How to add tags to your products?

Click on a product, then on the Assign tags button:


From here you can name the tag you want to create, and click on Create new. Then, this tag will be assigned to the product you have selected (or select one that has been already created) and you will be able to assign it to as many as you need.



Through this button, you can also edit, and delete tags directly from our SaaS in order to filter your products, and classify them by sets in order to improve the management.

How to filter by connections?

If you go to ‘Advanced’ in the upper right corner, you will see that we can filter by Connections. These filters will help you easily locate which products are not connected, so you can focus on them and increase connections, either manually or through Smart Connections.


How to add a new product to your catalog? 


If you are a brand you have the option to enter your products data manually.

You simply need to go to the Catalog and connections menu and visit ‘My Catalog‘. Once there, at the top right of the screen there’s the option ‘Add product’. 

1. You see here the form you need to fill in with the information required to add new products.

You need to add the product title, select the brand of that product and add tags if you need to. Then we recommend you to add the external reference, the EAN code or the MPN. If you don’t, an automatic code will be created for that product. The ASIN code is optional. Finally, you can enter the MSRP for that product in question. As well as images of it.

Once you’re finished, you can click on ‘Save and add another‘.

3. Another way to do this is by importing all the data directly from an URL. By hitting the button ‘Import data from URL’ a window will pop up with a writing box. Just paste the URL from where you want to import the product information and hit ‘Import URL’.

Competing products


This section contains an overview of the rival products added to your account of Netrivals.

    1. Search bar: You can use the searching tab at the top of the screen to make advanced searches and ease up the process of searching products.

    2. + Add product: By hitting this button, you can add new rivals’ products to make new equivalences with yours.

    3. Grey heart: The heart allows you to indicate which products are your favorite, either because it is a top-seller or is a product that requires special attention from your side.

    4. My product: There’s an image of the product and its title next to it.

    5. Total EANs: The total number of EANs of this product.

    6. Addition date: The date when it was added to the Competing products list.

    7. Status: Whether the product is active or inactive.

Connections management

This section lets you manage your connections, it enables deleting mistaken connections by selecting specific products or all of them by massive connection deleting.

Always when deleting connections you’ll receive a warning message asking you for confirmation for such action in order to prevent human error.
    1. Connections available: Check how many prices of the competition you have in total.

    2. Export: Export in a .csv file the information displayed in the module.
    3. Check button: Check the box to select all connections or one by one per product. This will allow to remove wrong connections by pop up button remove connections once selected.

    4. My product: Title, brand and code of the connected products

    5. My price: Price (or MSRP if you are a brand) set for my products.

    6. My stock: Stock of my products (if provided).
    7. Rival product: Title of the rival product and URL.

    8. Rival price: Price of the rival's product(or retailer if you are a brand).

    9. Rival stock: Stock of the rival's product(or retailer if you are a brand).

    10. Diff: The difference in percentage and price between your product and the connection.

    11. Method: Type of connection (automatic or manual) and user who performed the action.
    12. Date: Addition date of the connection.
    13. Action: Remove the connection.

If you need to check more products, you can filter them using the searching bar at the right top of the screen or visit the next page of products connections at the bottom of the comparison table.

Connections History

The connections history is a visual way of checking the volume of connections made and who has done such connections.

There’s a line-graph to check the evolution of connection-building throughout time. The color coding in this graph consists of two main colors, black (your organization) and red (Netrivals team), used to differentiate the teams responsible for the connections. You can also get to visualize more colors that will represent specific authors/users responsible for a given amount of connections.


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