Market research

Learn how to use the Market Research feature in our Netrivals solution

Check this video if you want to know more about our Market Research module:

Important! Take into account that the number of products shown in Market Research module will never be the same as the number you find in the public web. This is mainly for two reasons:
  • We do not update the public information on a daily basis; only customers private catalogs are updated with this frequency.

  • We do not show products that have been out of stock for more than 3 months.

Products explorer

On the left sidebar menu, access the Market Research icon and, in the drop-down menu, click on Products Explorer:

To see the list of products of a competitor, in the search bar choose the rival whose products you want to see:

How to access to the product information?

Once you have clicked on Products Explorer and selected a retailer/rival, you will see his products and different sections:

  • Products: Shows you the name of the product and the number of photos (if any)

  • Brand: Shows you the brand of the product

  • Category: Indicates the category to which the product belongs

  • ϟ: Indicates if the product is connected to your catalog

  • Price: Shows product price and shipping costs

  • Stock: Indicates the stock of the product

  • Added: Shows when the product was added to the list

  • Updated: Indicates when the information about the product was last updated

How to filter the product list?

On the right side you can filter the products by Brand or Category, and there is also a search bar where you can write the name of the product or its reference code.

You have advanced options to search the products by text, Codes/EANs, Brand, Categories. You can filter the products according to price range, if they have or not stock, the products added in a time period, and if they are connected to your catalog.

How to order and export list products?

You have the button ‘Order’ on the right side of the screen to sort the product list by price, stock, when the product was added and when the product information has been updated, in ascending or descending order.

You can export product list data in two formats: CSV or JSON. This export can be filtered with the filter option on the right side of the application.

How to see detailed information about a product?

When you click on a product, a tab will be displayed where you can clearly see different attributes of the product.

  • Price: A price history is displayed if the product is connected (dotted line) and the competitor’s price is on the bar

  • Shipping Cost and Delivery Info

  • Product Identifiers: The codes that identify the product

  • Photos: Shows available photos and their size

  • Historical Data: Shows information at a precise date about the price, the stock level and if a promotion has been applied on the product


On the left sidebar menu, access the Market Research icon and, in the drop-down menu, click on Alerts:

How to create a new alert?

From Market Research > Alerts, you can see the ‘New alert’ button in the upper right corner. By clicking on it a window will open where you can create an alert that will send you an email as soon as the system detects that a new product has been added to the catalog of a particular competitor/retailer.

  • Retailer: Select the retailer you want to receive alerts about

  • Alert Name: Name the Alert

  • Receive e-mails these days of the week: Choose which day of the week you will receive the emails

  • Who receives the alert: Choose who gets the alert

  • Alert Status: Choose if the alert will be active or inactive

  • Filter by: You can filter it according to text, brand, price range or categories, thus showing the products that meet those characteristics.

Brand analysis

From Market Research > Brand Analysis you can access a screen about the brands used by a rival/retailer by selecting it from the dropdown menu.


  • Brand: Brand name

  • Total Products: Number of products a retailer have of a specific brand

  • Weight: Percentage of a brand over the total of the catalog

  • In stock: Number of products in stock

  • Out of stock: Number of products not in stock

Clicking on one of the brands will open the product list in Product Explorer showing all the products of that specific brand.


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