Dashboard for brands: Marketplaces

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This is the full view of the dashboard:

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Change into the 4 different views:

a. Marketplaces

b. E-tailers

c. Marketplaces History

d. E-tailers History

Marketplaces dashboard

Full view of all the marketplaces that the client is currently following:

1. Filters to be applied

a. Store: Filter among your stores (If more than one).

b. Group: Filter to gather all marketplaces from a country.

c. Marketplace: Filter the different marketplaces that you are currently following.

d. Seller: Filter the different sellers of the marketplaces.

e. MSRP comparison: Establish a comparison vs your MSRP and the retailers' prices.

f. Brand: Filter the different brands of the marketplaces.

g. Product: Filter the different products connected in the marketplaces.

2. Number of sellers in the marketplaces.

3. Number of products in the marketplaces.

4. Number of offers in the marketplaces.

5. Difference of retailers price vs. your MSRP in percentage.

6. Offers of retailers below your MSRP in percentage.

7. Offers distribution by seller: Graph of # of offers vs sellers plus comparison about MSRP.

8. Sellers list: List of sellers in the marketplace that you follow.

a. Marketplace: Marketplaces in which the sellers are offering their products

b. Seller: The specific seller offering the products.

c. Offers: # of offers of that seller.

d. Difference vs MSRP: of the seller’s price vs. your MSRP.

e. Under MSRP: of the seller’s price vs. that is below your MSRP.

9. Offers list

a. Name of the product.

b. Marketplace in which its sold.

c. Seller offering the product.

d. MSRP established by the brand.

e. Price established by the seller of the product.

f. Difference in % MSRP vs the sellers' price

g. Rank position hold by the sellers pricewise.

h. Link to the product’s page.

10. Products list of monitored goods.

a. Product

b. Number of offers of each product.

c. Difference with your MSRP in % vs retail price.

d. % of products under the MSRP.

11. Sellers distribution by MSRP compliance: Number of offers in dot graph vs difference in % vs your MSRP. In red, prices below MSRP, in grey, over MSRP.

12. Offers distribution by MSRP compliance: Number of offers in histogram vs difference in % vs your MSRP. In red, prices below MSRP, in grey, over MSRP.


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