Deviations by brands


Learn more about the Deviations by brands section for brands

In the Deviations by brands area you can see all the brands that you have in your catalog.

  1. Brands: All the brands in your catalog will appear here.

  2. Stores vs MSRP: This chart compares your MSRP with the sellers’ price. It is separated in three columns:

    • Prod: Number of products that you have of the brand.

    • AVG vs: Overall difference average wise with all of the sellers (connections with all the retailers that sell that brand).

    • Cheapest vs: Difference with the retailer that sells the cheapest.

  3. Retailers: All the retailers in your catalog and the percentage of your MSRP in comparison with the seller’s price in question. There are three colors:

  • Green: Your MSRP is cheaper than the seller’s price.

  • Yellow: Your MSRP is equal or similar to the seller’s price.

  • Red: Your MSRP is more expensive than the seller’s price.

The second row of the chart shows a series of numbers although below Brands there is a blank space because this row is not related to any brand, the numbers and percentages are a result of a general analysis between the MSRP of your connected products and your sellers’.


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